Thinking Apps?

Find the benefits!

Are you thinking Apps? Think first about the objectives. Why and how can an App improve your business. We help you think and create the Apps you need!

An Application should serve and benefit your business.
Ultimate Interface

Leave the user with a good feeling. A good UI is building trust.
Effect Map

Measure the effect of your App. Does it suit your purpose or meet the user expectations.
Simply the Best!

You compete with the rest of the World. You gotta be the Best!

An App is
living materia

You might reach your initial goals with the first release of your App. But you will find new ideas and get good feedback from users. You will then need a developer that works togheter with you over time. A relation that last.

Countless hours
of App development

Here you got some of the companies we’ve been working with. We have learned from every project. It has been applications of all kind and on all platforms – web, iOS and Android.

Get ready for
the future

Appfactory loves to learn new things. One company, that takes your understanding of the contemporary world to the next level, is Pacetracer. Appfactory is part of the Pacetracer development. Listen and learn more on this video.

a Cloomy Company

Appfactory is a part of Cloomy Ltd. We have been developing digital applications and services since 1999.

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